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Medical Book
 • These are must have books
 • Where There Is No Doctor
 • First Responder
 • Advanced Training Manuals
 • Merck Manual
 • Medical and Hygiene Textile Production


These are must have books

These are my personal recommendations for your Medical Library. I would tell you that several medical folks have reviewed this list, and one recommended I post several of these, so he could buy them here and help support this site. They represent an investment of about a $150. If you are tight on cash and have to order one a month, get Where There Is No Doctor, first, followed by No Dentist, and then the Merck Manual.

These books are either part of my library or have been. Two of them I gave to a friend who was working in Honduras when I left. They are the Emergency War Surgery : Second United States Revision of the Emergency War Surgery NATO Handbook, and U.S. Army Special Forces Medical Handbook. I will be replacing them soon.

Please remember that every time you click a book and buy it here you receiving the best price and supporting this site. Click the title you want and place it in the shopping cart. Then use the browser button to come back and select another. When you are done shopping just go to the check and finnish placing your order on Amazon's secure encrypted software.


Where There Is No Doctor

Donde No Hay Doctor( the original version in Spanish) or Where There Is No Doctor is my favorite. It is simple and easy to use. I have personally used it and its companion "Helping Health Care Workers Learn" to train uneducated villagers to live well and manage their own health emergencies. I am not a doctor and most of my medical training is in the field of combat medicine. I gave my wife a copy when we were married and I know it has saved us thousands dollars in medical bills that we would have run up running to doctor to have him look at all the "ouwies" and sore throats that 7 children get. Where Is No doctor and Where Is There Is No Dentist, are two books I would travel without.

Remember as long as the health care system is intact you should seek medical care from a health care professional.

Where there is No Dentist

Where there is No doctor


First Responder

First Responder, by J David Bergeron, is the text that I currently use to train the men on my rescue squad. It is the entry point for anyone pursuing the emergency medical field. The are other text available, but for my purpose I would get this one and then refer to on of the first two text. This book will give all you all the information you need to identify and stabilize trauma, with the two Military texts you should be able to treat it. I recommend that you get training now, through your local fire department,hospital, college. Hopefully Dr Schenker will get his DR's Ham network up and you will be able to get some help. I personally have more than once been walked through a life saving procedure while talking to a doctor on a radio handset. It is not optimum, but what choice will we have?

Remember as long as the health care system is intact you should seek medical care from a health care professional.

First Responder, by J David Bergeron


Advanced Training Manuals

I was a Navy Hospital Corpsmen. Corpsmen are among of finest trained medics in the world. Our training was designed to make us willing and able to make critical decisions in the field under the worst possible conditions. During my service time, I found these books along with the Merck Manual, to be the most valuable resource's I had. Two days ago a Navy Commander recommended I place them on my site, here they are. Thanks Doc!

Remember as long as the health care system is intact you should seek medical care from a health care professional.

Emergency War Surgery : Second United States Revision of the Emergency War Surgery NATO Handbook

U.S. Army Special Forces Medical Handbook/st 31-91B


Merck Manual

I can tell you that this book, my training, and the grace of God saved more than one Marine in my care. Get some basic medical training while the oppportunity exist, and buy this book.

Gary Page posted this on the site and I think it says it all.

Gary Page ( , 02/28/97, rating=10: Merck--the book for everything!

The text book of medicine for fifty years! Find everything quickly and easily, with diagnostics, treatment plans, and differentials. The text is tiny, and it is designed for physicians and medical student, but it's a must for anyone that want to know the what, how's, and whys of human body!

Remember as long as the health care system is intact you should seek medical care from a health care professional.

The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy : General Medicine


Medical and Hygiene Textile Production

Medical and Hygiene Textile Production : A Handbook (Small-Scale Textiles)by Allison Mathews, Martin Hardingham

I stumbled across this publication while doing research on third world Appropriate Technology. I am working on a new section that will cover AT from A to Z. I decided that this book should be in the med section, but will also list it in the AT section when it is complete.

This is a concise guide to making bandages, dressing and other medical textiles as a cottage industry. It will be a viable post y2k business.

Paperback Published by Intermediate Technology Publication date: October 1994

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