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Survival Books & Gun
 • Survival Guns, by Mel Tappen
 • Armed Defense
 • The Art of the Rifle
 • The Ultimate Sniper
 • Marine Sniper


Survival Guns, by Mel Tappen

A reader posted this at This book is hard to find, but if anyone can, Amazon is it. , 04/22/97, rating=10: Excellent Resource Book for Firearms Novice or Expert Survival Guns is an excellent primer (no pun intended) devoted to selecting firearms for survival use. While it was written to cater to the survivalist movement of the late 1970s, much of the information is still relevant in the '90s. He provides fundamental information for selecting and using handguns, rifles, shotguns for hunting and self-defense, and provides pointers to additional references for more information. If you are a novice interested in getting started in shooting, or an expert shooter interested in broadening your knowledge of different types of firearms, it is well recommended and an entertaining book to read.

Click here to purchaseSurvival Guns by Mel Tappan


Armed Defense

The publisher, , 12/18/96: "This Book is for the person who decides to use a gun for self protection. [It] teaches you practical gunfighting tactics for use at home, while traveling by car, and at the workplace." -American Survival Guide- This book will show you how to teach yourself to shoot well enough to save your life in a variety of ugly situations. You will learn techniques and tactics that work, not just reflections of somebody's theories. This book also covers what you need to know about the legal and emotional aspects of surviving a gunfight. 1989, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 214pp, illustrated, soft cover.

Click here to purchase Armed Defense : Gunfight Survival for the Householder and Businessman by Burt Rapp


The Art of the Rifle

Colonel Jeff Cooper has been on the front lines in the battle for the 2nd amendment for as long as I can remember. He lives by the code; death before dishonor, and has proven himself many times to be a man knowledge and of great courage. from Denver, Colorado , 02/22/98, rating=10: A must for any american riflemen This book should be required reading for anyone with a rifle. Reguardless of your experiance level there is much to be learned here. Give a copy for christmas and you will have a real freind. This book is packed with information.

The Art of the Rifle by Jeff Cooper


The Ultimate Sniper

The title says it all.

The Ultimate Sniper : An Advanced Training Manual for Military and Police Snipers by John L., Major Plaster

A Reader from NY, NY , 03/06/98, rating=10: READ THIS BOOK!!! Before I read this book I was an average (or just slightly above) rifle shot. After reading it and applying it's lessons on marksmanship and rifle selection/care, I now routinly hit eggs at 100 meters. This is ONE GOOD BOOK. , 07/08/97, rating=10: The definitive text in its field I have read all of the current literature on police and military precision rifle and find this work the most useful and comprehensive. The army should have let the Major write FM 23-10 , 01/08/97, rating=10: a must read for anyone interested in long range shooting I am a VietNam Army vet. I wish I had read this book before I went to Nam. It is very well written explaination of all aspects of long range rifle shooting. The only thing you need in addition to this book is an accurate rifle and some range time to practice the techniques. Thanks Major for writing something for us 'grunts'. , 07/25/96, rating=10: Very accurate and informative As an Army vet I was amazed at how much information this book contained. It is very useful in any kind of hunting or camping activities as well as the art of sniping it self. A must read for any one who likes hunting big game out west or is interested in being able to track game in the east coast wooded areas.


Marine Sniper

If you have not ever had to use deadly force, this book is a good one to get an understanding of the emotins it will cause. It is easy to talk about killing, but living with it is the most difficult thing you will ever deal with. Read how this hero served his country with honor and distinction. How he dealt with the remorse of killing. I great book, a great man.

Marine Sniper : 93 Confirmed Kills
by Charles Henderson

Jake Livingston ( , 06/07/97, rating=10: Perhaps the best book I've ever read Practically everyone who knows me has heard me rave on and on about this book. I read it for the first time about 4 years ago, after picking it up while browsing through the bookstore. I read the excerpt at the front recounting the Vietnamese general's final moments and I was hooked. I recently finished it again, and it was even better this time. Everything that happens to Hathcock seems like something out of a movie; something no mortal man could survive. I learned to respect the discipline and will-power of a well-trained Marine, and was left in awe of the effectiveness of the sniper. Charles Henderson does his part, too. He not only tells Hathcock's incredible story, but makes it an immersive, addictive one to read. Through his clear and descriptive writing, the reader is transported back in time to the dark "Charlie"-filled jungles of Vietnam, where he lies beside the sniper known as "Long Tra'ng" and experiences not only the satisfaction of a well-placed shot, but also the emotional struggles that a man must deal with when he takes the life of another one. Undoubtedly a timeless classic. (Keith A.Collins) , 03/20/97, rating=10: Having served with Gunnery Sgt. Hathcock @ Weapons Trng. Bn.,Quantico, Va. I can personally attest to Gny. Sgt. Hathcocks demeanor and willingness to help out the troops.Through many hours of labous/painful hours he consistantly turned out the most feared troops in the world,"Marine Snipers".This book simply tells it like it was and how it is when armed conflict brings war down to a personal basis.To all that read this let it be known that there is not finer Marine to be found than Gunnery Sgt. Carlos Hathcock. Semper Fi ,Gunny.

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